We established iBeacon in Akihabara. No.2

We had an Akihabara Tokyo radio department store 3F Saito Electric shop establish iBeacon. A Saito Electric shop handles a communication machine part until a low frequency – microwave mainly in the store specializing in leading special electronic parts of the import. We are coaxial connectors, too, and thank you for this shop’s cooperation

Please try iBeacon while you came to Akihabara to play if interested.

【How to use】

1、Download Application

2、Confirm setting of iBeacon

3、Please go to the radio center. When you walk while confirming application,screen will change Major:1 Minor:2 「不明(unknown)」→「遠い(far)」Please look for “red Pikumin” that there is near.

Immediate : 至近
near : 近い
far : 遠い
unknown : 不明








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